Heritage Open Days 12th and 13th September 2014

Display at Old Town Hall 10am-3pm
Members of the group have been working with the library to research the archives at the Central Library to find out more about the heritage of churches, chapels and other religious buildings in the town. The results of their research so far will be on display in the Old Town Hall, in the Market Place, between 10 am and 3 pm, on Friday and Saturday, 12th and 13th September for Heritage Open Days. The research and displays provide an opportunity for individuals to meet with others, to learn about the diverse and fascinating history of the town, how to research and value special collections and local heritage, and to gain an insight into the lives of their ancestors. Sharing their own knowledge and skills, individuals learn from each other, finding out which churches have gone, or joined with another church, and how one building might accommodate different congregations over a period of time, and eventually change use altogether. The library has a wonderful resource, thanks to the photographs of such as Amy Flagg, William D Willits, James Cleet and many others, whose work has created a photographic record of the town, and will be the subject of ongoing research and forthcoming celebration. The group have used the card indexes to track down information in printed works and histories, booklets and pamphlets, old council minutes, scrapbooks, maps and newspapers. The files of news-cuttings, microfilmed copies of the newspapers and online access to the Shields Gazette have been invaluable, as has the pictorial record of South Tyneside ( ), now available online thanks to the ongoing hard work of library staff and volunteers. The group would like to thank the Shields Gazette and the library, and all those who contribute time, interest, information and illustrations, to the displays and to collections, which aim to preserve the history of the changing heritage of the area for the benefit of future generations.