Talk, 19th January

Victorian Gossip
What is the difference between a conversation and gossip? One definition is that a conversation is when three people stand on a street corner talking. Gossip is when one of them leaves. So, what did the Victorians gossip about?

Find out when Dr. Malcolm Grady, Associate Lecturer with the Centre for Lifelong Learning, Newcastle, will give a talk to the South Shields Local History Group on 'Victorian Gossip' on Monday 19th January at South Shields Central Library.

The talk will give insights into what the 'chattering classes' gossiped about including the interest in three of the Prime Ministers of the time, Disraeli and his liking for society balls in the company of well to do women, Gladstone and his association with women of a different social class and Palmerston who liked women well into his old age!

It will also look at the advice given to young men and women on what to look for when seeking a partner and the Victorian idea of the 'dating agency' which was well established and popular in the late 19th Century. Advice about sexual matters in magazines is not a new development and was well established in the Victorian period. The talk will take a look into the advice given about the avoidance of pork which has a harmful effect upon the morals of young men and the avoidance of the double bed as it tempts the most basic instincts!

To hear more on this intriguing exploration of the less well known aspects of Victorian society come to the meeting which will be held downstairs, in the Library theatre, from 5pm to 6.45pm with visitors welcome for a charge of £1. For further information please contact the reference desk in the Central Library or telephone 424 7864