Talk, 16th February

The North East in Sickness and in Health
'The North East in Sickness and in Health' is the subject for this month's Local History Group talk on Monday 16th of February. The group are pleased to welcome Professor Reg Hall who is Chairman of Cancer Connections, the cancer support charity in Harton Lane, and was, before his retirement, a surgeon and cancer specialist in Newcastle.

The first people who lived in Northumbria 10,000 years ago lived very short lives, just 25 to 30 years. Surprisingly, life expectancy only started to improve significantly in the 19th century. Professor Hall's illustrated talk will discuss some of the reasons for this, including in South Tyneside, and will then consider some of the pioneers from the North East whose work made possible the quality and length of life we enjoy today.

To hear more on this intriguing subject come to the meeting which will be held downstairs, in the Central Library theatre, from 5pm to 6.45pm with visitors welcome for a charge of £1. For further information please contact the reference desk in the Central Library or telephone 424 7864