Monday, 20th March, 2017

Cobles and Keelboats of the East Coast, talk by Colin Robson
South Shields Local History Group is looking forward to welcoming Colin Robson to this month's meeting to give his talk;  'Cobles and Keelboats of the East Coast'.  Colin is a retired Civil Engineer with a long-held interest in boats, ships and maritime archaeology.  The Coble and Keelboat Society is proudly celebrating its 30thAnniversary this year and arelatively new member of the Society, Colin is now their Newsletter Editor and Archivist.

In his talk Colin will cover the development of the coble and its use along the east coast from Berwick to the Humber, where various forms of the coble existed. He will also be touching on keelboats and concluding with some general nautical items related to our North East coast.

The talk will take place at the Local History Group's new venue, upstairs in Cleadon Park Library, Prince Edward Road, on Monday 20th March between 5.15 and 6.45pm. As always, visitors are welcome at a charge of £1.