Monday, 16th April

Cleadon Cottage Homes, talk by Lilian Milne
On Monday 16th April, South Shields Local History Group are welcoming Lilian Milne to give her Talk on Cleadon Cottage Homes.  In 1909, as an extension to the role of the Workhouse, a row of cottages were built in Oakleigh Gardens at Cleadon.  For more than fifty years these cottages provided homes in 'family' groups to needy and orphaned children, as well as giving them an education and vocational training.

Lilian's talk will include a true story about a family of children who grew up in the Homes.  To hear more about this interesting chapter in our town's history please join the Group members in Room A, upstairs in Cleadon Library at the end of Prince Edward Road.  The meeting is held between 5.15 - 6.45pm and visitors are always welcome with a charge of £1.