Heritage Open Days, 8th and 9th September, 2017

Remembering Dr Blair (1845-1923)
> Following on from their successful display on 'Harton Village 1900', South Shields Local History Group have researched the life of Robert Blair, a solicitor who resided in Harton at that time.  During the early 1870s the Town Council were planning to build new housing on the Lawe but, aware of the history of the area, Robert Blair and Dr. Hooppell, first Headmaster of the Marine School, began a campaign to excavate the area before the proposed housing took over the site. 

> Blair's carefully executed project and the subsequent successful excavations in the mid 1870s led to the establishment of the area as the 'People's Roman Remains Park', securing its future and leading to its recognition nowadays as a site with World Heritage status.
> The fully illustrated display especially features drawings and notes from the meticulous scrapbooks compiled by Robert Blair throughout the excavations.  Entrance to the display is free and members of the Local History Group will be on hand to talk to visitors.  

> It is part of the Heritage Weekend events and will be held in the Old Town Hall in the Market Place on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th September from 10am to 3pm.